Music therapy is a unique therapy recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) in their guidelines for the treatment of Dementia (June 2019). Music therapy has been found to reduce some of the symptoms associated with Dementia including anxiety, depression, delusions, apathy, agitation, psychosis, repetitive behaviours and sleep disturbances.

Patients who may not be able to speak can often find their voice through singing and also in the same way, those who cannot remember can often rediscover memories through songs they used to sing.
Our therapists will work with what their clients CAN do, helping to empower them and express their feelings in regards to the sense of loss they may be experiencing. We work sensitively and professionally using music to connect with our clients.

In The Community

Ace Music Therapy CIC provides music therapy to individuals and groups within the community.


Ace Music Therapy CIC therapists work in a range of healthcare settings including hospices, care homes, hospitals, in-patient and out-patient units and community rehabilitation centres.


We run regular Continued Professional Development days for music therapists, both in person and online.

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