We provide high quality music therapy provisions for schools and colleges at excellent value for money. We will put together a proposal based on your requirements, our provisions start at a half day and go up to a full week.

We are committed to fulfilling your needs to please get in touch to find out more.
Music therapy can significantly improve a student’s emotional wellbeing and also help with educational outcomes as their progress is observed not only in sessions but outside sessions too.

What does the school need to provide?

The school must provide a room free from distractions for the therapist to work in. If your school has instruments the therapist will use these if not the therapist will provide their own. If you do not have a piano or a suitable keyboard please get in touch and we can look into sourcing one. 

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on the provision required. We pride ourselves on our excellent value for money. Ace prices are updated regularly and are in line with recommended pay scales for music therapists. Please get in touch to find out more. 

How can we fund music therapy?

Funding can be sought for music therapy and this is something we can assist with. In addition some schools use Pupil Premium to fund music therapy sessions or alternatively sessions may be funded by the local council if music therapy is in a child’s Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). 

How do you assess progress?

Progress in assessed by the therapist. We use a detailed assessment schedule and therapists keep session notes after each session to document sessions and reflect on progress. Therapists write regular reports and also attend annual review meetings as well. We also assess progress through feedback forms given to the client or staff member present in the session. 

What will the music therapist do in our school?

The music therapist will undertake both individual and group music therapy sessions. They will work collaboratively with staff to help students meet their targets. Music therapists will also take part in musical events and may even lead events such as concerts/productions. Our music therapists are also available to offer staff training upon request. 


Individual sessions last up to an hour and are entirely client led. Therapists work on aims decided upon following a detailed assessment sessions with a therapist.

In The Community

Ace Music Therapy CIC provides music therapy to individuals and groups within the community.


We run regular Continued Professional Development days for music therapists, both in person and online.

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