Ace Music Therapy CIC is excited to announce our new group ‘The Rhythmic Breath’ – a FREE music therapy group to support people with long COVID, mental and physical chronic health issues.

To book please visit this link and make sure to fill out the consent and referral form too!

For more information please email or call Amelia on 07957 225109.


We all have rhythm through our heartbeat, breathing and movement. Through music we can learn to support this innate rhythm that may have been interrupted as a result of health or emotional challenges. 


The Rhythmic Breath is a 12 week pilot group for people who are experiencing symptoms of long covid, which may include symptoms such as breathlessness, pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression and feelings of loss. The group is a supportive space where people can share their feelings about their invisible illness and start to work through these through the use of music. 

Led by registered Music Therapists and qualified singing for lung health professionals, these workshops incorporate music therapy and vocal coaching techniques to support the breath, movement and posture. Those delivering the workshops will have had specialist training from ‘The Musical Breath’ who consist of a multi-disciplinary team of respiratory physics, speech and language therapists,  occupational therapists, voice specialists and music therapists. 

Group music is a perfect way to engage with others through the power of something that unites us all.  Also, through singing and playing music we can encourage a healthy breathing rhythm that is essential for general health, movement, talking and emotional wellbeing.

These sessions will be particularly useful for those struggling with their breathing pattern as we focus on the breath in a controlled way which can help to alleviate other symptoms such as pain, anxiety, posture, regulation of the body and emotional wellbeing. You will also be provided with exercises that you can take away and practice daily at home. 


Sessions might include the following:

– Learning to strengthen and extend the out breath through rhythmic elongated musical phrases

– Use gentle movement, play instruments and use vocal sounds to live music

– Using songwriting and talking to create a sense of togetherness and group support

– Use the diaphragm and the whole body to control the breath

– Learn the best posture for effective breathing and singing

– Understanding how the lungs, diaphragm, vocal cords and larynx work together with your jaw, tongue and soft palate to produce sound

– Help to relax the body and let go of anxiety using the breath and the singing voice.

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