We are delighted and honoured to announced that we have been selected as one of the TOP 100 SOCIAL ENTERPRISES in the Nat West SE100 Index. 

 This is an annual list of UK’s Top 100 Social Enterprises judged on growth in turnover, profit and impact. Taken together, these 100 social enterprises – selected by judges on a range of criteria including business sustainability, innovation and social impact – tell one fairly convincing story of growth and optimism.

The 100 enterprises posted a combined total turnover of more than a third of a billion pounds (£388m), up from £335m the year before.

Amelia, founder of Ace Music Therapy comments “It is a great accolade to be selected to be in the SE100 index. It shows that hard work pays off and ultimately helps us to demonstrate the power and impact of music therapy. We are truly grateful to Pioneers Post and Nat West for this opportunity and of course it would not have been possible without the hard work of the Ace Music Therapy team, so my thanks to all of them for their hard work, dedication, support and passion, without them we would not be where we are now!”


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