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We are passionate about transforming lives through music
Tranforming Lives Through Music
Music has the power to help us work through emotions

Everyone is musical, music is instilled within us from the moment we hear our mother’s heartbeat in the womb. Music has the power to connect people in a way that words cannot. We all have a favourite song or piece of music, or a song that connects to us so deeply that we remember where we were when we first heard it.

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About Ace Music Therapy

Established in 2017, Ace Music Therapy is a music therapy service based in Chelmsford, Essex. We work with schools, hospices, charities and individual clients to provide high quality music therapy provision at excellent competitive prices.

Ace music therapy has a very family centred approach which means working closely with the immediate family network and involving them in the therapeutic process where necessary. We also work closely with other professionals, liaising with physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, doctors and other health care professionals where necessary.

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What does music therapy involve?

Music therapy involves live musical interaction between a highly trained music therapist and a client. The music therapist uses their clinical musicianship and creative flexibility to connect with the client and enable them to experience their music in a new way.

What are the aims of music therapy?

Some of the broader aims of music therapy are communication, emotional expression, social interaction, but all aims are individually decided upon, often in collaboration with the parent or other health care professionals.

How do we work towards achieving goals?

The therapist will undertake an assessment during which clinical aims are discussed and the sessions will work towards achieving these aims. The music therapist will constantly evaluate the work both through her own reflection and process notes as well as clinical supervision. Sessions are tailored entirely to the needs of the client.

How long do sessions last?

Sessions last for up to 45 minutes and are available on an individual or group basis.

Where are we located?

Ace music therapy works with a range of clients. We are based in Chelmsford, Essex, but work across Essex, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, London and Hertfordshire.

Who are our clients?

We work with clients with a range of abilities and disabilities to palliative care clients, those with physical disabilities, cognitive impairments and mental health conditions.

Music has the power to help us work through emotions
Therapy Sessions

We offer a range of music therapy services incuding; individual music therapy, group music therapy, sensory music therapy, and parent and child sessions.

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Tailored to you and developed on an individual basis

We offer training for professionals in caring roles or roles in which there is potential for music to be used therapeutically in encouraging an individual’s emotional wellbeing, improving communication or as a method of sensory and cognitive stimulation.

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Meet Our Team

We share a passion for music and in the belief that music has the power to connect people in a way that words cannot.

Meet Our Team
- R, child. R spelt out this review using his eyes to point to letters.

"Our son had the absolute privilege of having Amelia as his Musical Therapy Teacher. He made so much progress with her and really enjoyed their time together each week. I would highly recommend Amelia & her service to anyone interested in Music therapy for their child. She is so patient, warming & Kind. Thank You Amelia & hopefully will see you very soon. xx😊"

- Parent

"We have known Amelia for one and a half year now. She has done a brilliant work for my son (Abel) who is suffering from brain injury. During the music therapy she is working hard to find any communication or connection to him. Whilst playing on instruments she carefully watches how Abel reacts. I'm sure my son enjoys the music and this sensation helps him recovering. We are happy with Amelia and her work."

- Andrea, parent

"Amelia has worked at Sunflowers Care for over two years, visiting us weekly. Sunflowers care for children and young people with a wide range of complex health needs and Amelia is adaptable to all these needs. She tailors her music therapy sessions accordingly. The music therapy she delivers is always individualised to each child, taking into account their abilities and disabilities. Amelia is flexible in her delivery of her sessions. She will often take the lead from the child and work together with them, holding therapy outside if the weather is nice and allowing the child to make choices about how their sessions develop. Our children that see Amelia regularly have built up trusting and lovely relationships with her and look forward to her visits. We enjoy having Amelia as part of our team, she has excellent communication skills and is open to new ideas and feedback."

- Nurse, Sunflowers Care Ltd